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Manon Manavit is an interdisciplinary artist and director of performance events that activate historic sites, engage urban oddities, and complement the outdoors. Thought of as "outsider dance," her gesture vocabularies express the latent longings of spaces, objects, and shadow selves, merging journalistic and mystic impulses. Her work is recognized by Open Society Foundations as being "at the intersection of culture, art, and social change." She is committed to a decalogue of plays about climate change from 2020-2030 with Farm Arts Collective, an agri-cultural hub whose outdoor performances take place on a "boundless stage lined with hydrangeas." (NY TIMES)

Manon joined Projét Porte Parole (Project Advocate) as a researcher creating documentary theater based on current events in Québec, and later assisted Emmy-award winner Debra Brown (choreographer of 13 Cirque Du Soleil shows) as a storywriter and acting coach in the development of circus works in the US, Canada, and Mexico. Her plays for specific sites have been performed at the Historic Cliveden Estate, German Society of Pennsylvania, and 1875 Old Arlington Hotel in Narrowsburg, NY. She has created performance installations for the Creating Higher Ground Festival, Deep Water Literary Festival, Autry Museum of the American West, Little Berlin Gallery, ENGN Civic Creative Center, Slought Foundation, Philadelphia Freedom Festival, Chinua Achebe Center, and consulted for the North American Cultural Laboratory, LA Opera, Capitol Records, Rock Mafia Studios, and The Wooster Group. 
Based in the NYC Metro area. MFA Directing California Institute of the Arts 19'

CITY OF GHOSTS photographed by Danielle Case, 2020

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